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于尧- 南佛罗里达大学城市与社区设计硕士研究生, 景观建筑学士。擅长城市与住宅规划,景观节点设计,可持续性环保设计,环境弹性可持续设计.


Lu Liu
Lu Liu

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Lu Liu

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我们致力于加州风情的经典庭院。我们的设计在追求高品质, 经济实用的同 时也兼顾易维护、用水合理等多项考虑。通过硬质铺装、植物等各类细节的营造,我们希望为您提供一个舒适温馨的户外环境。让您在咫尺中感受自然 享受阳光,或与亲友欢聚,或自己沉浸放松。您将参与设计的各个过程,我们将通过效果图,模型视频等多种手段让您更方便快捷的理解设计意图和施工效果。


Xueying Wang


Yao Yu - A graduate of the University of South Florida with a Masters of Urban & Community Design and  Landscape Architect. Specializing in urban and residential planning,landscape design, sustainable design, resiliency design.

Lu Liu - With over ten years working on the landscape design and construction, double Masters degree from SUNY-ESF. Lu ‘s projects range from park design, community development, commercial plaza and residential design & build in both China and United States. She brings a quality design service, attention to detail and excellent interpersonal communication skill in both Mandarin and English. She is a landscape contractor and landscape designer 

We specialize in high quality and low cost landscapes that require little water or maintenance.

Anita Wu - 毕业于California State Polytechnic University, Pomona,景观建筑设计学士。热爱设计,作品主要以现代风格美学为设计指导。

Lu Liu

廖郁倩  - 二十余年的住宅、商业建筑景观设计和施工经验。丰富的专业知识确保您最好的设计和最有效益的投资。廖女士拥有景观建筑硕士学历,是总包商和注册景观建筑师。

Lu Liu
Lu Liu

Anita - A graduate from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture. She enjoys designing for the contemporary and modern aesthetic.

刘璐 - 近十年景观建筑与环境规划经验,纽约州立双硕士。中美各地项目涵盖公园规划,小区开发,商业广场,庭院设计监工等。致力于创新,着眼于细节,诚心以待每一位客户,打造品牌,保证质量。


Chris Chowdhury


L.I.U. Landscape 

We design landscapes with the structures, paving, plants and irrigation system that match your existing house and desires. We can give your family a garden to enjoy nature, a communal area to entertain guests, or a relaxing oasis to soak up some sun. Our detailed design rendering video offers clients a complete preview of their space before any work is started.

Lu Liu
Lu Liu

Yu Chien Liao - Over twenty years of experience working in Landscape Architecture and General Contracting in both Commercial and Residential. She has a vast knowledge of landscape architecture techniques and her experience as a general contractor and landscape architect can help ensure that your design is both high quality and cost effective. She got Master degree of Landscape Architecture from University of Michigan

Yiwei Huang


XiaoTong Yin

​     殷晓彤